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Fight Legends
May 16, 2023

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Project Potential
  • Various game modes
  • Free-To-Play
  • Possible cross-platform compatibility
  • No Cons for the project.

Fight Legends is a Free-To-Earn NFT blockchain game that focuses on collecting NFT fighters while doing battle for glory in the multiverse.

Official Trailer


Q1 – 2022

  • First playable TEST demo for NFT holders
  • Announce playable character of combat sports stars and blue chip NFTs
  • Continue signing additional min of 20 industry partners
  • Rewards for testers

Q2 – 2022

  • Advanced game testing with NFT holders
  • Large prize tournament for NFT holders
  • Companion NFT Drop
  • In-game marketplace

Q3 – 2022

  • Early Alpha: NFT owner access
  • Early in-game rewards activated
  • Large prize tournament for NFT holders
  • 5K Trainer NFT Drop 1

Q4 – 2022

  • Full Alpha: full public access
  • Full reward/NFT functionality (Alpha)
  • Large prize tournament for NFT holders

May 2023

  • Alpha Release

May 2024

  • Beta Release
  • Ongoing sale of finalized categories of NFTs (game assets) via shop

December 2024

  • Full Release of the game

2025 & Beyond

  • Continuous expansion via quarterly expansion of characters, stages and world

About the game

Player Requirements


Token: $FIGHT

Total Token Supply: 555,000,000

This token is going to be primarily used for gym upgrades, fighters, and skins, but not to make fighters stronger or better. $FIGHT can be obtained directly from the marketplace in exchange for $REWARD or fiat currency. Players are also rewarded $FIGHT in special events and fights.

In-game Token: $REWARD (yet to be named)

Total Token Supply: Unlimited

This token can be used to purchase $FIGHT and upgrade items. It can be earned from fights.

In-game Token: $EXP

Total Token Supply: Unlimited

This token will be required to increase the fighter’s level. Players are rewarded this token after a fight.


There are a few ways that players can earn tokens and rewards:

  • Playing the various game modes
  • Renting their fighter to another player for free (with a division of the earned rewards between player and owner)
  • Trading NFTs on the marketplace for $FIGHT




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Analytic Opinion

“In all honesty, I believe this is a solid project with achievable aspirations. They state that they;re focusing on being a videogame first, and a blockchain game secondarily, which they have backed up by making it Free-To-Play/Earn. So, I would say that this gives the game a huge advantage over other emerging projects because it doesn’t seem like they are desperate for players’ money, but for the game itself to be a success.

I also think the way the game is structured gives all types of players the opportunity to enjoy it. Not only are there several game modes, but beginners can also borrow NFT fighters for free in order to start earning rewards. On top of that, it seems like they are trying to bring cross-platform gameplay into the project which, in my opinion, will cause both traffic and usability to skyrocket.”

Fight Legends, or as they like to call it, “Street Fighter of the Metaverse,” is an NFT fighting game where players have the chance to prove their skills in combat against the game’s AI or other players.

Fight Legends focuses on gameplay and user satisfaction first, with the earning possibilities of crypto and NFTs being a secondary concern. It offers a PvP and PvE fight game with playable NFT items, which promises to be top-notch.

Their various game modes are:

Story Mode: This is a single player adventure in which players have the option to choose up to 3 fighters to battle their way through the levels, completing missions while earning tokens and in-game assets as they go.

NFT Mode: This works as a training mode, giving players the opportunity to practice different strategies and improve their fighter to become the best of the best.

Arcade Mode: This includes all fighting game modes, with fighter levels, stats and power-up items deactivated to make combat more balanced and fair. Here, what matters most is skill.

Ranked: Players who participate in both Arcade and NFT Mode will be ranked according to their fights in these modes. The objective is to keep improving in battles to become the best and reach the number 1 ranking.

When it comes to the project’s NFT collectibles - called trainers - there are five different levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. These levels are used to train and upgrade the players’ fighter, as well as providing a boost to the fighter in combat.